If you've been following recent blog posts, you probably saw these photos of this "expecting" couple... and they are very proud to introduce you to their new addition, Mr. Addair Kentucky Walker.   A few days ago we were able to take advantage of the muggy, rainy day that was keeping us inside (a repeat of their previous session which was also shot in the rain), and utilized an empty home in Old North Knoxville, turning it into a large studio with multiple different working spaces and backgrounds.  These creative parents (a painter and a musician) patiently allowed me to capture their one month old son.  Addair is already making so many fun facial expressions and it amazes me to see how well he responds to life around him. This is one of my favorites from the day.... I'm such a fan of the colors on this wall. This little one's father pointed out that his birth mark is shaped like the state of Kentucky, equipped with an indication of where Levon calls "home". I knew this crew would appreciate my tie collection, so I took advantage of it! (I know, it's odd.  I just think they're fascinating.) Ahhh... beautiful Ashley. And I just can't get over this one.  Levon & Ashley, thank you for letting me capture your new little clan.  You have a beautiful family!