The longer I do this, the more I realize there's an art to getting to know folks quickly, ya know, in the three minutes you have between shaking their hand and beginning to take their pictures.  I always feel bad for the guy who has never met me, but who's fiance has been talking to me (or has know me) for a while. And, of course, his fiance has been looking at tons of wedding blogs and Pinterest for quite a while.  So between the two of us (myself and the bride), we've got plans for their photo shoot... and hopefully he's willing to go along with it. Sarah is a photographer herself and she's done enough photo shoots to know that sometimes you just gotta help a guy out. Brett loves basketball - and Sarah is quite the fiance - so she recommended that we begin our shoot at a basketball court.  After a good bit of searching, we came across the perfect court with a view of the Knoxville skyline.  We then did a handful of photos in the "Old City" and finished in World's Fair Park (which is where Brett proposed a few months ago... in the rain)!!

Brett & Sarah - you were both so much fun and I'm looking forward to June 2nd! (hence the 6/2 in one of the photos below)