A week ago, I had a totally unexpected opportunity to be a photographer for the band NEEDTOBREATHE.  I often overuse the word rockstar, but this would be an appropriate place due to the fact that these guys actually are...and they totally rocked out the Tennessee Theatre in downtown Knoxville.  If you've never heard them, you can check out their new album HERE. A friend of mine is currently on tour with them as part of their lighting crew (the lighting was nothing short of spectacular, as you can tell below).  He invited me to hang out prior to the show (during sound check) and before I knew it, I was the only person in the audience of the theatre being serenaded by NEEDTOBREATHE and a string quartet!!  Such an incredible gift.

I had every intention of just enjoying the show (without a camera in hand), but it didn't take long before I had the thought that it would be fun to see it through a lens.  Before I knew it, we were in a conversation with the lead singer Bear and his brother Bo and as soon as I heard the question "Would you want to shoot?" I was on the way home to grab my gear and get back in time for the opener, another captivating musician -- Ben Rector.

About a week before this concert, one of my friends changed her gchat status to "Obsessed..." and had a link to this video.  I quickly realized why she chose that word.  I think I've had Whitney Houston's song stuck in my head since then.  Listening to this live was awesome!  Another friend of mine tweeted during the concert, "Ben Rector is playing 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' in a vest, gingham, untied bow tie & bucks @ The Tennessee Theatre. That's all, world."  I think she pretty much summed it up.

The dynamic totally changed when NEEDTOBREATHE hit the stage... as you can tell by the intensity in Bear's face.  Love the shot below.  

Taken during one of my favorites -- "Girl Named Tennessee".

Being able to enjoy a concert from this perspective (close enough to get a shot like this) was wild! 

Brothers Bo (left) and Bear (right).

The combination of a rock band and a string quartet was incredible. 

Encore with both NTB (on percussion) and Ben Rector's band... Possibly my favorite part: an acoustic version of "Slumber" to end the night. The satisfaction of ending a great show.  My friend, Josh, breaking down afterwards.

Thanks for the invite, Josh!  It was great to see you!