I am more than blessed to have so many creative friends.  Anna Lee and I have been friends since the summer of 2007, another one of the many friendship built through Campus Outreach.  Anna Lee married a guy we all met that summer, Jordan.  It wasn't too long before I got a call from Anna Lee asking me if I would shoot their wedding.  I was so new to wedding photography at the time, but she was one of those friends that saw in me what I was hesitant to see in myself.  And for that I am eternally grateful!  HERE is their engagement shoot and HERE is their wedding. On their wedding day, I knew I had been given an opportunity to be as creative as I could - Anna Lee's taste is similar to mine. The only problem was that the coolest texture I could find to hang her dress on that morning was a dumpster.  Well, it wasn't really a dumpster, it was one of those huge train cars being used by the construction company responsible for restoring the church.  And there were two: one blue, one red.  Perfect! I had a moment of wondering if the mother of the bride was going to pee in her pants when she pulled up and saw her daughter's wedding dress hanging from a rusty dumpster.  Luckily, I never got a spot on the dress, and the dumpster shots became some of the first signature shots for Texture.

Once again, it's bizarre how time flies.  Anna Lee and Jordan now have a sweet, sweet, sweet little girl named Ada with the most adorable little chubby cheeks.  Totally squeezable.