Ours is a fairly close family, one of those in which your cousins have a tendency to be described as "similar to siblings".  Of course, that makes their kids more like nephews and nieces.  All that said, I'm proud to introduce my new little "nephew", Silas Denver... all 7 lb 6 oz and 19 inches of him.  He came into this world one week ago, March 20th.

Tosha, this is one of my favorites!  So glad both of you are doing so well.  And I'm so proud of you as a new mother of TWO BOYS!!

Sweet big brother Keagan.  Such a natural: already insisting that he can only hold him if he's wrapped in a blanket.  "Ewwwww.... no diapers!!!"

Keagan has had a "Stinky" since he was a baby and his Stinky, appropriately named after the lovely aroma of the elephant, has been loved on just enough that he requires a regular bath (this is the clean version of him - on the right).  His mother and his grandmother decided that since their family seemed to love one little elephant so much, it seemed fitting that Silas also have a Stinky (the obviously cleaner and fluffier).

Love the shot below!  My rockstar assistant, Jess, has an eye for these things.  Plus, she's a pro-swaddler.  She could have a receiving blanket wrapped around Silas in no time.

One of my favorites.  Happy one week TK!!