I love finding little hidden treasures around downtown.  Michael & Brooke are a super fun couple from here in Knoxville and when we were talking about locations for shooting their engagement pictures, Brooke mentioned the rock quarry at Ijams.   Ijams nature center is a place many folks know of and a place I've been a few different times.  But the rock quarry?  I had never been to that part of the nature center, but I agreed.  When I arrived, we started walking down a long trail, which seemed like what I had expected... until it opened up into the rock quarry (you'll have to scroll to the bottom to see those pics).  Holy cow!  So awesome.  If you have a free afternoon and you want a brief escape from the sounds of the city, go check out the rock quarry.

Spending time with Michael and Brooke was so much fun!!  They are naturally easy-going and relaxed which made photographing them seem like I was just hanging out with friends.  I'm happy to say that they are going to be moving downtown after their wedding which means things are looking up for our newfound friendship.  Enjoy these pictures of these two at Ijams and throughout downtown Knoxville!

Isn't she just stunning?!!

If you haven't been to Public House downtown, it's one of Adam & Kate's favorites.  Plus it has a super cool yellow store front and it's located next to a really neat bike shop.

Brooke, your smile is captivating.

LOVE this one (below).