What a beautiful Berry Wedding!!  Ben (or Oliver, depending on how you know him) & Kim are an incredibly sweet couple... and their wedding day was gorgeous!  The ceremony was at the captivating Frost Chapel on Berry College's campus and the reception was in the Ford buildings at Berry as well.

Watching Ben & Kim interact was so much fun.  You can tell they are so comfortable and relaxed around each other.  Their first look was adorable!  You could tell instantly that any stress that might have been lingering toward the beginning of the day disappeared once they saw each other.   They are both from Knoxville (shout out!!) and Kim went to Berry, so there were a lot of parallels even though we never met each other prior to our fun little coffee date after they got engaged.

Ben & Kim, thank you both for sharing a vision of seeing Christ at the center of not only your marriage, but also your wedding day.  Jess & I both have been so blessed by all of you, wedding party and family included.  Plus, we are so pumped to have made new K-town friends!!