One of my absolute favorite photographers, Jeremy Cowart, recently said "Everyone hates having their photo taken because we don't want to see our latest flaws.  Sometimes I feel like a dentist when I take pictures."  Part of my motivation to do my job is a desire for individuals to see themselves the way others see them.  I think cameras have a strange ability to be false mirrors, and it's a hill we all must get over.

Meet Elizabeth.  She's the wife of the keys player from one of Knoxville's greatest bands, the Dirty Guv'nahs. She's also a counselor and a rockstar friend (and a hilarious one at that).  Of course, counselors always make for rockstar friends.  :)  I've always thought she was stunning, but Elizabeth has a grace to her that I envy and an incredibly healthy view of herself.  After taking a few pictures of her, I expected her to ask me to change a thousand things... to edit a little bit of everything. But she didn't. She just complemented me instead.  I long to be more like that: to have an ability to see myself as others see me.

Here's to a right perspective of ourselves, an understanding that God has made us beautiful.  May we all strive to be a little more like Elizabeth.