Growing up, my mama always had this cactus by her kitchen sink.  It was ALWAYS green.  I never knew what kind of cactus it was and somehow I never remember it having pink flowers on it's ends. 

When my parents moved, mom had one too many plants to take with her, so she gave me this little fella.  A few months later, my friend Kate sent me a photo of the same plant her mother gave her...except hers was blooming. 

Turns out, it's called a Christmas Cactus. 

On December 1st this year, I was getting out the Christmas decorations and I walked past the constantly green heirloom, only to notice that it had BLOOMED while I was decorating for Christmas!  It's funny how nature knows the seasons. 

Tis the season to celebrate our Savior's birth and the newness of life.