Pierce asked me to marry him at the dock on the lake where I grew up.  COULD NOT have been a more perfect proposal.  I completely mean every word of that.  So much better than I dreamed. 

It was the first time I had ever taken Pierce to my childhood home -- the place where became so much of who I am today, and more importantly, where much of my relationship with the Lord of all creation was established and built. 

A good friend and mentor of his (whom I had never met) approached us on the dock, explaining that he was a film producer (true fact) and that he was scouting for new filming locations.  After introducing himself, he proceeded to casually mention that he had been working on a new story... and then asked if we'd like to hear it.  I LOVE stories and without even thinking I invited the man to sit down.  He of course did, and while I was starring at the fish bubbles in the water, the man began reading his story.  It was a beautiful story. I was quickly enthralled.  But it didn't really get my attention until he said "This is a story about Pierce and Carrie. 

My thoughts: "What??!! Woah? Who is this guy? Pierce, what's happening? Oh. Oh goodness. AHHHH!! This is OUR story!! He's about to propose!!!!" 

The man read the end of our story:

She often tells Pierce that early on she learned that "if God can calm these great waters, He can certainly calm my heart."  This is an important day, when Pierce sees, smells, hears, and feels the grounds upon which the beginnings of Carrie's character were forged, not far from the place they met at "The Intersection"... and it will remain a monumental day in their relationship, for that reason, and another very important one...

Then he slowly closed his book, got up and walked away.  I looked over and Pierce was scooting closer to me.  He pulled his camera bag to him, pulled out a ring and said the following:

"I see you.
I want you to be my wife.
You're bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh.
Will you marry me? 

...please say yes. "

Of course I did, through many tears and much laughter. 

It was perfect. Absolutely perfect.  Little did I know, ALL of my best friends were there.  They've never all been in one place, and they all came from so far away.  Following a brief time with them, we rode a jet ski out to the island my family spent a lot of time on, Two Tree Island.  There, he gave me a book with the story so beautifully written in it (handwriting thanks to the fabulous Suzanne Holbrook Design) which is pictured at the bottom of the post.

I cannot wait to be Mrs. LaMacchia!!!