Shoo mercy!  2014 was one of the best years yet! 

There are so many beautiful images that I wish I could share (many of which can be found in the Portfolio by Season), but I felt these 14 photos best tell the story of this last year for me personally and for the many ways Texture has grown.  It's a mixture of both business and personal favorites.  Enjoy!

[1] welcoming the new year on west jackson

Ethan and Kato.  Really cool cats. 

At some point on most every wedding day, there's a photo that you know the moment you take -- without even looking at the back of the camera -- that you'll probably love more than all the rest.  On this beautiful and extremely cold wedding day, this was the moment.  Not the use of the snow or the Keener Lighting building, just these two cozied up in front of a shattered window. 

They had quite the amazing wedding. Such a way to begin the year.  And this photo is still one of most favorites. 

[2] My january man

I had known this guy for almost a year, and never once did he catch my attention.  That is, not until January. 

The day I took this photo was quite magical.  We spent the day in World's Fair Park with snow covering the ground.  I was giggly, he was grinning, and we both knew we wanted to be together forever. 

You can view more photos from that snowy day in the park here. 


Holy moly.  Talk about a great photo session.  

These fellas were champs.  They oh-so-patiently and oh-so-slowly shifted their heads/bodies so that I could get the perfect time-lapse image. 

It's so fun to see signed posters, fan emails, and music articles, all with your images on them.  I absolutely LOVE photographing weddings, but I have to admit that making photographic art for musicians is thrilling. 

Here is the entire photo session, if you'd like to take a peek.  This definitely wasn't the only image I loved from it.  There were so many more! 

Let's not forget that time I photographed Ellie.  Oh, and Cereus Bright.  And while we're at it, the Dirty Guvs on New Years Eve.  I heart music. 

[4] April with Audrey

These two stunning sisters were both married in 2014, one in April and the other in August.  Their kind parents were willing to hire me twice! And I'm so glad they did. 

Sometimes it's difficult to really figure out what draws you to a certain style of photography.  It might be the unified color, the depth of field, the type of lens, the style of editing, or just the subjects.  I kept finding myself looking at images with similar traits, but was rarely able to create those traits myself.  This was one of my first successful attempts at executing the vision I had in mind.   I love the elegance and the femininity in this image.  And the depth of field, of course.

Liz & Adam said "I do" on a gorgeous spring day.  See more from their wedding here. 

[5] CONFETTI IN june 

Meet Daniel & Francie. These two are FUN.  

They are so full of life and they were the perfect couple to have quite the adventurous engagement session: ice cream in each other's faces, a sexy shoot on a motorcycle, the sunset in a field at the botanical gardens, a pillow fight with lots of feathers, and finally.... confetti.  

I think this photo perfectly captures their crazy fun personalities and their love.  There's something so magical about connecting with a couple before their wedding.  I just wish I got to take engagement photos for every single couple! 

You can view their full session here.  And their wedding photos here

I also really loved Cody & John Barry's engagement session and wedding (which was also at RT Lodge). 


[6] completely overjoyed in july

BEST MOMENT OF 2014!!!  Hands down. 

It was the first time I had ever taken Pierce to my childhood home, a magical place on the lake, which holds so many of my memories. 

Just moments after arriving, sitting on the dock with our feet in the water, Pierce asked me to marry him.  It could not have been a more perfect proposal.  So much more than I ever dreamed. 

There's a great story about the book pictured above, about a film producer/storyteller who joined us on the dock, and about an island.  I'd love for you to read the rest of our proposal story and view the photos taken by the fabulous Kaitie Bryant.  You can view the full proposal post here. 

[7] seattle in the summer

Just a few days after we were engaged, we flew to Seattle.  There I met Pierce's older brother for the first time and only a few days later I met my sister's boyfriend (now fiance)!  We enjoyed time with both of our families and it was the first time I really shared my love of photography with the man I love.  We took turns documenting our trip, and let me tell you, I'm marrying a DANG good photog.  The man has a ridiculous eye for composing beautiful images.  

This is one of my favorites from the trip, taken from the top of the ferris wheel overlooking the pier, the bay, and a few tiny birds.  That's my dad in the lime green in the very bottom left corner.  He was napping while the rest of us soared above the city.  

Here's a few of my favorite photos from our trip.  The photo of the man reaching in the trunk of his Impala is possibly my favorite of Pierce's. 

[8] a biplane in august

Andrew & Christen had this beautiful wedding planned out for May of 2015.  They were working on the little details and somewhere in it all they decided they just wanted to be together and that they didn't need all the stuff. So they got married in August of 2014, and I had the extreme honor of being their photographer.  

The Goat Farm is a magical place nestled in West Midtown in Atlanta.  You'd NEVER know it was there.  It serves many purposes (all of which I'm still not sure) but I know it houses artist apartments and studios, and it also serves as a set for many different movies, Hunger Games for one. 

These two lovebirds were married by her father in the quaint little coffee shop at the Goat Farm called the Warhorse.  It was small and simple and absolutely beautiful.  And to top it off, they arrived at the reception in a biplane.  

If you'd like to see some of my favorite photos from their wedding, you can find it here. 

[9] savage in september

Being the fiance of the owner of a coffee shop means I often find myself photographing coffee products, bagels, swag... and the occasional Savage.  

Even though Pierce does most all of his own photography and marketing, he occasionally invites me to join him for specific photo shoots.  This one takes the cake.  Our good friend Savage volunteered to "model" his beard for us.   In the process we learned that our funny friend is QUITE the actor.  

The coffee shop advertisement (to be featured in the program for the local theatre) was titled "Coffee so good it'll make a grown man cry." And boy did he.  The video of his bottom lip quivering while we poured eye drops on his face was quite hilarious.  

Kudos, Eric Savage.  If you find that construction is getting the best of you, I know a theater company that's hiring. 

[10] greeting Penelope on her mama's birthday

Talk about a moment to remember.  Josh & Amelia -- our close (and fairly new at the time) friends -- were due any day.  They asked if I would be willing to be there when their first child was born, to photograph the first moments of her little life.  I was honored and more than happy to do so. 

While waiting in the hospital room, I learned that it was Amelia's mother's birthday.  It was the night of September 7th, and the soon-to-be grandmother was so sweetly coaching and encouraging her daughter through the pains of labor -- one of the most precious moments to ever witness.  I also learned that come midnight, Amelia would be celebrating her own birthday (technically 1AM CST on Sept 8th). 

To our surprise, Penelope Adelaide was born at 2pm EST on September 8th.  If you want to get technical and take into account the time change, both Amelia and Penelope were born at the exact same hour.  All three generations of women were born within moments of each other!! 

That night was so moving for me.  I had seen other births before, but I had never been a part of the laboring beforehand. That night, Amelia displayed more strength than I've ever seen a woman display.   Truly beautiful.  And now we have the gift of this sweet little girl. 

[11] movement in October 

I just flat out love this image, especially her veil.  I often feel like veils take a woman from a beautiful girl in a stunning dress to a captivating bride.  This was no exception.  Samantha could easily model, all 6'2" of her, but the second we pulled this blusher over her, I was in awe.  I absolutely love the movement in this image. 

Movement is a tricky thing to capture as a photographer.  We're not videographers, but that doesn't exempt us from telling the story of the movement.  This year I set out to capture movement through still images.  Some days I wish my was job was to video, to tell the story of all the action, but I absolutely love the challenge of creating stillness from movement.  

[12] Two siblings, two proposals, two weeks

Yep.  Not only did we get engaged this year, so did my sister and Pierce's brother!!  

A week before Thanksgiving, Pierce and I flew down to Cozumel and rode a ferry over to Playa del Carmen, where his older brother John got down on one knee on the beach and asked Andrea to marry him.   You can view the story of John's proposal to Andrea here.

EXACTLY two weeks later, we drove to Chattanooga, where Nate got down on one knee on the Walnut Street Bridge and asked my sister Leslie to marry him.  You can also view the story of Nate's proposal to Leslie here.

2015 should be quite year for both of our families.  All I can say is, my poor father. 

[13] finalizing a portfolio in the fall

It only took me an entire year to finish a new brand and website, but I did it!  

I spent much of the year slowly tweaking different aspects of the site and I'm so proud to finally share it.  As I began to collect the photos for the portfolio, I found myself really learning and summarizing (to myself, mind you) what I find most intriguing and moving: The images that tell a story, ideally with elegance, and often with movement.  I discovered how much I loved the mistakes in my photos, but mostly the intimacy of imperfect portraits.  If everything is perfectly in place for a photo, there's probably a lack of genuine emotion.

I long for honest images, those that remind us of the beauty in our lives and the moments worth reflecting on.  

[14] Ending the year with new friends

Wedding photography is fairly competitive.  I've got many "photografriends" in other cities, but I've never really had any here in Knoxville. 

This fall, the incredible Brit Fray and I finally got around to having a lunch date, and it was so so so good.  We followed it by shooting two different weddings together [ONE and TWO] and I think we're both better because of it.  Doing what you do best with someone else who does that same thing well is a stretching experience... and so very worth it.  Before I knew it, we were sharing ideas and encouraging each other in our separate stories.  She has a love for film and for authenticity and she knows that living honest, vulnerable lives is worth it. 

A month later, the lovely Stacey (pictured above) -- my roommate for the last five months -- married her stud of a man.  The fabulous Jennie Andrews was photographing the wedding and she was kind enough to let me tag along as her second shooter.  Little did I know, we would follow up the wedding with a lunch date that felt like an establishment of a friendship.  She's a lively woman with more talents than I can name, and she's open enough to let me into her world, to share the good and the hard, and to push each other to act on the things we dream about. 

I'm so very thankful for women in this industry who believe that we're not meant to live isolated lives, working like little busy bees all alone behind our computers.  We were meant for community, and I hope this next year is full of rich stories with these women and other creatives.  

Ask another person in your industry if they'd like to go to lunch.  It's such a high complement, and you never know, it could lead to a new BFF.  

cheers to a great 2014!

Thank you, thank you to the many couples who gave me a chance to tell their stories.  

May 2015 be full of new adventures as well as moments of remembering the Lord's faithfulness to you.

He is so faithful.