I get to spend a little time with these guys every week. They're a total blast.  The tiny one has already learned how to lure you in with his eyes.  No need for words, looks'll do. 

The big three-year-old on the other hand, well, he's happy to talk to you, you'll just need to guess which character he is at the moment.  Your best bet is typically Michelangelo. Sometimes you'll get the privilege of being Donatello, but that's typically mommy's name. 

Mrs. Donatello has become a dear, dear friend. I know few people who ponder on the world like she does.  Her thoughts are gems.  Oh, and the woman makes beautiful things with paint. 

If you've been thinking about re-painting that room in your house - or even your entire house - I highly recommend calling the man of this house.  He's also a painter, just a different kind.  And he owns thirty-three ladders. 

Ashley Addair/Walker, thanks for letting me share a glimpse into your new home.  Your crew of men are way fun to be around, no matter which name they go by: Thatchy-Patchy, Levon/Russ/KRPC, or your spunky Superman/Addair/Tuck/Engine Turtle.  

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