Charleston Olivia -  

You'll be here any day now. 

Today your mama and I talked about the beauty of friendships that have spanned many, many different seasons of life: the weight of their history gives them more power to speak truth about the present. 

I've seen this golden gem through more seasons than I can count, and I know this: she is brave.  She doesn't need to have it all together to know her own strength.  In fact, she embraces the imperfect and charges forward with gentle confidence.  She's learned how to hold both heartache and joy at the same time and I know this to be true: she's steady and strong.

Charleston, I can't wait to see your strength and beauty come to life out here. 

All I know so far about you is that you've got one heck of a mama.  Her loyalty is fierce.  If you take after her, take her strength. It'll carry you quite a long way.  And if it doesn't, she loves relentlessly.  I guarantee you she'll be there, just like she always is, ready to remind you of the Truth and the truth of who you are and how much you are loved.   

See you soon, kiddo.