Third boy's a comin' soon. 

That ol' grocery store-turned-house behind them has been recreated by them more than once.  This last time it was gutted and crafted by him with materials from her visions of a home built with meaningful pieces, and then painted by them both.  After all, that's their work of choice: they're painters. One mostly on canvases, the other mostly on structures and spaces. The last time they reinvented that home of theirs, they were nurturing a newborn and making space for a two-year-old's imagination. 

This go round, it's the playfulness of a four-year-old superman and the kind little heart of a hotline-bling-singin fella two years behind. This third boy Walker has been growing to the tune of Fraser firs and art-making, daddy on the keys and mama's desires of sharing the raising of kiddos with a village (aka "teepee circle").  Just makes me really happy that my favorite photo of these two happens to have these soon-to-be parents-times-three sandwiched between a (raise-the-)tree (on the left) and a teepee (in the yard in the distance on the right), all against the backdrop of a home.

11.5 years in, these two are painting quite a beautiful life. Excited to see the richness that comes from adding baby Briggs. Or Crosby?  I reckon we'll know his name when we meet him.

I've got a feeling you'll just know, just like all the times before.
This story God has been writing in you two is getting better and better with time.  He's ever teaching us the sound of His voice.  
We're all growing in winter and in weathering the waiting. 

Come on, little brother. Your other winter-born Walker brothers are waiting on you.