Brooke & Michael are the kind of folks you meet and feel like you should have already been friends for years.   Where were they when I first moved here and how come I didn't meet them then?!   I'm honestly not sure how they are individually, but together they are incredibly easy-going and full of life.  You rarely see them without a smile on their faces.  For a wedding day that could have caused lots of panic and stress, Michael and Brooke took it all like a charm.

LOVE these shoes.  They were one of my favorite details.  Brooke did a fabulous job of expressing her playful and whimsical style through her wedding details.  Another fun fact: their wedding rings are from Jerusalem!

Brooke's mother is a hair stylist.  Since the weather was forecasting rain, they decided to change their original plans and go for a unique ponytail, full of little braids and details.  So jealous of her incredibly long hair!

Hand-drawn programs by the bride herself.  Below on the right is the sister-of-the-bride's dress, which she made herself.  So many little stories!

Brooke, I absolutely love this photo of you.  You're sooo happy!

Conversations you never think you'll have: Me: "You guys wouldn't want to get up on top of these hay bales would you?" Bride: (literally ready to jump up on one) "Why wouldn't we?" And she even did it in her wedges!

We made it through family portraits just in time for the rain to come rolling in... and so we waited with our fingers crossed.  We put our raincoats to good use and grabbed a few shots of the end of the torrential downpour...

...and the sun that started shining right before the ceremony!

Wedding favors for everyone!

These two (above) do a wicked cover of "Forever Like That" by Ben Rector, which, by the way, makes for a perfect first dance. These two sisters (and friends of the newlyweds) make killer harmonies and call themselves Ten Bartram.   Check them out.

What a fun way to end a wedding celebration!

Mr. & Mrs. Bock --- Thank you for letting us celebrate with you.  Excited to share more of life with you in the future!