Just like every other college freshman, I was stoked about beginning something new, yet slightly terrified of everything new.   The first friend I made was this kid who looked like his grandparents dressed him -- in loafers and a neutral plaid short-sleeved collared shirt.  Hugh Hagen quickly became a guy I respected despite the fact that his old man loafers changed over the years to bright orange crocs.  He acknowledged gifts in me and made sure to push me towards environments that would develop and highlight those gifts. He has a gift for acknowledging the strengths in those around him, which was continually evident while we were students and has continued to be... especially when it comes to Krisi.

A few years into college, I ran into Krisi in a hallway of the student center.  She had connected that we had a mutual friend from childhood and so she introduced herself.  A year later we spent a summer at the beach together and even though we didn't get much time together, the time we did get was significant -- a few great talks about Jesus and His desire to redeem our sin, to make us new and to call us "daughters".  That summer was the beginning of Hugh and Krisi  -- an incredibly unique story to watch as it unfolded.

Soon after we graduated, I got a phone call from Krisi asking me if I would be a part of her wedding.  I assumed she was about to ask me to be her photographer and instead, to my surprise, she asked if I would stand next to her in a bridesmaids dress.  The two of them also asked if I would join a few of the guys from the band and sing as Krisi walked down the aisle.  What an honor!!

A few months ago, Hugh and Krisi (who is also a twin herself) welcomed two beautiful little girls into this world.  Meet Marleigh and Neileigh.  I got to meet them a few weeks ago when I stopped by the Hagen home to say hello and spend a little bit of time catching up.  Let me just say, there is something incredibly enjoyable about telling stories over time.  I love my job, but this makes me love it even more.

I've always wanted to do (a) photos of twins and (b) a session in all black and white.  I love how this incredibly simple session turned out.

Krisi, you are a beautiful woman and an incredible mother.

Thank you both for letting me stop by and document your little crew.   You have two beautiful little girls and I'm excited to continue to watch your family as it grows!