Sweet little Ada.  GAH... I could eat her up!  When I travelled to Anniston for Seth & Courtney's outdoor wedding, I got to spend lots of good time with Jordan and Anna Lee... and their little butterball! She's a hoot.  One of the funniest kids I know.  Of course, she put her funny side in a box when I got my camera out, but she let me see a few little grins here and there.

From grumpy butt to belly laughing.  LOVE IT!!

In case it's only obvious to me, this her "TWO!" Chunky little fingers make everything cuter.  Check out their photo session from last year HERE.  Cannot get over how much she has already grown.

While I was visiting with the Weathers, Ada and I were sitting on the kitchen floor reading a book about animals.  I decided to ask Ada what sounds each of the animals would make, nothing too abnormal.  When we got around to "...and what sound does an elephant make?", I was waiting on her to give me a perplexed face, but instead she pulled her arm up to her face (example below) and slowly breathed in.  I LOST IT!!! She's such a smart little gal!

The relationship between Jordan and his daughter is absolutely beautiful.  It's been really fun to watch my friends from college go from just being a friend, to being a fiance, then a spouse, and eventually parents. Jordan can make this little one laugh with just one look.

It's one thing to keep in touch with friends over time, but the joy that comes from getting to document my friends' lives over time is hard to explain.  Jordan and Anna Lee's wedding was almost FOUR years ago! I still laugh about how I surprised myself with how much I liked rustic textures (I knew I sorta did, I mean, I named my business "Texture", but I didn't realize the extent to which I was obsessed!).   I will never forget watching Anna Lee's mom's face when she pulled into the parking lot on her wedding day and I had her expensive wedding dress hanging from a "dumpster" (blue storage container).  But hey, it worked!

Loving the personality this little one manages to bust out... I mean, look at that face! (right)  Mom's always know best.  Two essentials for photos session: a cookie and a Minnie.

Anna Lee, I love this photo of you!

Here's a throwback photo of the blue dumpster I mentioned!  Happy Almost-Four-Year Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Weathers!