Back in the day, before I knew I could do anything with a camera, I used to spend my days around microphones and musicians.  I thought for quite some time that "when I grew up" I would be a chick singer.  I could write ten different blog posts on my story with music and maybe I will someday.  For now, the important facts are the following:

I started recording an album while I was finishing high school. My freshman year of college I made friends with a drummer (who ended up recording on the album) and we stayed in touch throughout college. His sister got married my senior year right before graduation....and she asked me to shoot her wedding.

Nichole & Craig's wedding was the first I ever got paid to shoot.  They put me on the map... and in the meantime I got to know their story... and I'm STILL getting to be a part of it.  Such a gift!

As you can tell, their family has expanded.  Meet Paisley and Gracin.  Essentially, from what I can tell, they each now have mini versions of themselves, in both looks and personalities!

I still canNOT believe she's already this big.  This is kinda cheesy, but it's odd to see the children of the weddings I've shot because it makes me realize how old my business is.  You think you just started doing something and then you see kids walking and talking and you realize it's been a few years!

We got to repeat a few of the photos from their first family session in 2009.  So fun to see the difference!

It doesn't get much better than this!  She couldn't smile much bigger!