Two redheads?  I know.  No one would have ever guessed!  Meet my dear friends Katie & Andy (AKA "Kandy", our friendly little nickname for the unit while we were in college) and their two little redheads, A.G. (short for Austin Gary) and Avi-Kate (who just so happens to be named after another close friend of ours!).

The littlest was mesmerized by the cows in the field next to Berry College's Old Gate of Opportunity, a beautiful road lined with big oak trees and one of the most beautiful places on our campus.  I think she pointed at the cows the entire time we were there while her big brother stuck his tongue out at me for almost the same amount of time!

I've been photographing the Edwards since A.G.'s first birthday... and he's almost 4!  Interacting with him was SO MUCH FUN!  His little personality is absolutely adorable.  This little redhead is full of life and laughter, as you can tell.

Katie and Andy, thank you for your hospitality, especially in our friendship.  You guys are always so welcoming no matter how much time has passed, and I am extremely grateful.  I love knowing that we can always pick up where we left off and that I can just right in and be a part of the fun at any point.  You guys are exceptional hosts... and I don't even know a tenth of the college students and other friends who would agree with me!

Here's to SIX years!

So fun... and so serious. :)

These are two of my favorite photos (above and below).  She just looks like a baby doll!