One year ago I went on a roadtrip with a girl I barely knew to assist her at a wedding. I wondered if Carrie Jo was aware of how little I knew about photography and honestly hoped she didn't figure that out, because that weekend I fell in love with photography. Despite my lack of technical knowledge, I immediately knew what the heart of photography was: telling people's stories. There is something so special about getting a glimpse into people's lives and then having the privilege of sharing their stories through photos. The way I see it, everyone's story is a beautiful picture of grace while pointing to the incredible love that the Lord has for us.

Meet my new friend, Norah Paige. She may be tiny but she is full of life and energy! I spent a rainy morning capturing her sweet one-year-old personality, and boy, does she have a lot of it!

Things really got exciting when the cupcakes came out to celebrate her first birthday; who doesn't love chocolate icing?

Norah Paige, I had a blast hanging out with you. Happy Birthday, sweet girl!