My dad is one of those people that should always keep a small tank of gas in the back of his car.  I can remember being a kid, sweating in a silent car, because somehow turning off the air conditioning and the radio was going to ensure that we made it to the gas station. I guess it worked. We always seemed to make it there. I can count on one hand the number of times I've had to cross my fingers and turn off the air.  One of those happens to be when these photos were taken. Rachel and I had planned to begin shooting their engagement session on Matt's parents' property.  Talk about a beautiful place!!  I've always dreamed of a session on a lake, one with a small boat and couple in love. This day, I had both.  And they were willing.  Rachel and Matt totally rocked it!  Part two of the plan was to go to Starr's Mill.  All I knew was that it was a really cool place with red buildings.  What I didn't know was the distance between the two locations.  I crossed my fingers for a LONG time.

Luckily I made it on fumes, and the drive was totally worth it!