There is one time in your life when it is completely appropriate, and typically expected, to put your face in birthday cake, to get completely covered in it, and to take as long as you'd like to eat it without worrying about how much longer your workout will need to be the next day to make up for it.  For that reason, first birthdays are the best.

Meet Whitley.  She's a little spitfire and sweet as can be... and now she's officially one!!  My roommate, Lindsay (AKA "Burner"), has been a part of this one's life due to her friendship with Whitley's mom, Hunter (such a fun name!).   Lindsay and I got to host Hunter and her family and friends in our home and in the process I learned two things: Lindsay is a fabulous host and Hunter is a ROCKSTAR mom.  Watching her interact with Whitley was a blast.  So thankful for new friendships, especially with tiny growing people!

Just a little glimpse into Lindsay's attention to detail and her creativity in hospitality.  Who doesn't love fruity pebbles treats?

Hunter made her daughter's fun little tutu and her cupcake turtle neck.  Such a crafty gal!

Grandpa's are the best at making little ones giggle.

Y'all, meet the gal who puts up with me everyday.  Lots of folks call her LT.   Her parents call her Lindsay.  I call her Burner.

I can't even begin to express how confident I am that our friendship and roommate-ness is a gift from our heavenly Father.  After looking for six months for a place to live, Lindsay sorta fell out of the sky.  We met for the first time, spent an hour in a conversation, and a week later I moved in her home.  This sounds crazy, but her house was so specific to what I had prayed for and she was the friend I didn't know I would get in the process. Living with this woman has been a joy.  I am better -- and my business is better -- thanks to having her in my daily life.

We decided today that we might just celebrate both of our birthdays (since they're in the same month) by having a big frilly birthday party in our backyard (similar to this one).  I'm crossing my fingers for lots of pink and cupcakes (in case you can't read my sarcasm, my favorite color is the farthest thing from pink... but I'll take a strawberry cupcake any day).  Although, now that I think about it, one of those big blow up bouncy things would be WAY more fun.  Wanna come?