Talk about texture!! I love these shoes and this orange background. Actually, I think I was a little too obsessed with Courtney's shoes!

It feels like Seth & Courtney were married forever ago.  I hate to be that girl apologizing for being so behind on blogging... but goodness has this wedding season been busy!  It has been AWESOME and so full.  I have loved getting to celebrate with so many old and new friends.  Seth and I have been friends since the middle of college.  We didn't attend the same school but we spent a couple of awesome summers at the beach with the folks from Campus Outreach.  We had a blast along with LOTS of college students.  After we graduated, Seth went back another summer as a staff guy...and Courtney was there!

Aren't they all just dolls!

Seth, please make sure your friends don't hate me!  This group of groomsmen was a total blast!  I mean, wobble faces??!!  Granted, at my request, but they were totally willing and made the day SO much fun.

Courtney's father seeing her for the first time was absolutely beautiful.

Seth designed the invitations!

Props to our friend Amado coming out to DJ our dance party the day after his brand new baby girl was born!

Seth & Courtney, thank you for letting me be a part of your grey and yellow celebration!  It was such a perfect day!