Meet the Esme family -- such a fun little crew!! A few months ago I showed up to shoot Caroline & Clay's wedding back at Berry College and I met this sweet, sweet woman. Cara cared for me all day -- periodically asking if I needed anything, encouraging me in my work, and sharing in the cares of the day by serving alongside me to make sure that Caroline & Clay's wedding day was all that they imagined it would be. She was a superstar. It's rare that you see a wedding coordinator carry out such a task so gracefully. We instantly became friends and by the time the day came to a close we were into deeper conversations about Jesus and the ways that He enables us to serve. Needless-to-say, I was eager to meet her little clan.

Cara & Christian's story is one of deep love - of "yours", "mine" and "ours" becoming one family. They are a family that desires to see others grow and it is evident in the way they care for each other and those around them. Kyler, poor thing, is surrounded by girls, but the kid should totally model. He could rock a few poses in no time! Emma Grace is a big sister with wisdom beyond her years and an incredible patience with her two younger sisters. Little Eliza Bliss has the coolest name ever, and an energizer bunny at the age of two. And last but not least, Miss Ella Dean is newly one.

Cara, it has been an honor to begin building a friendship with you. You are a woman full of wisdom and a great example of a mother who showers her kids with grace and patience. Looking forward to watching your little clan as it grows!