When I moved onto Grainger Avenue a little over two years ago I wondered if I had made a crazy decision... and then I met my neighbors.  I grew up in the sticks so the idea of "neighbors" sounds more like the folks that live a few miles down a windy road.  This was not the case on Grainger.

This little street was often pretty lively with front porches full of folks, and the Wrights were the best at making sure we knew we were welcome on theirs anytime.   Most days you could find Aaron and Brenna tending to their garden or if you walked around back you could probably find "Hot Josh" building a treehouse.  Aaron actually won a gold star for Best Neighbor one night when he convinced Josh to help him climb up the outside of my house to break into an upstairs window since I managed to lock myself out.  Total stud with a stellar wife... and now with a doll of a baby girl!

Meet Miss Phoebe, a little woman with GORGEOUS eyes!

Brenna had so many different quilts, all with sentimental value.  This one below came from Aaron's grandmother.  Another his mother made for Phoebe and the pink one (halfway down this post) was Brenna's grandmothers when she was a baby!

Such a happy baby!

One of my favorites.

Brenna, you are a gorgeous woman!

Everyone needs to make a "square face" every once in a while.

On Aaron & Brenna's last anniversary, they found this drift wood and Aaron painted and built this little bookshelf with it.  What can you guys not do??!

For one of Brenna's baby showers, her friends had the brilliant idea of making a mobile with origami.  The fun fact is that everyone at the shower wrote a note to Phoebe inside each one of these.  When she's old enough, her parents plan to open each one and read them to her.  Such a great idea!

Aaron & Brenna, you have a beautiful little girl.  Thanks for letting me be a part of documenting her life.  I'm thankful you guys still live "down the street"!