For my time at Berry, I was given the opportunity to be a part of a leadership scholarship program sponsored by Chick-Fil-A called WinShape. If you've never heard of it, check it out.  There are more pieces to the puzzle than just a scholarship:  they have a marriage program, a retreat center, boys and girls camps in the summer, ropes courses for organizations, homes for foster children, and an international program for developing leaders around the world.  Let's just say, Truett Cathy is a genius and a gift to many, many people.

The college program was an awesome opportunity and I'm so thankful I made the decision to be a part of it.  I was surrounded by a community of folks who encouraged me and we spent a lot of time talking about the ways in which Jesus led, most of which was by serving.  The friends I made there and the leadership of the program had a huge impact on me, playing a big role in molding me throughout the time I was getting a degree.

One of the requirements was that in order for us to really be living life together we would live in the same dorms on campus all four years.   In the girl's dorm, I somehow ended up living in a room that was unlike the rest, and for my senior year of college I was in need of a roommate in order to continue "squatting" it.   At the time, there were two freshman girls that showed interest (funny story, they both married brothers therefore making them sister-in-laws!).  Sweet Rachel and I quickly hit it off, moved in together...and she became my sanity through my last year at Berry as I simultaneously celebrated and grieved what I had come to know as "home", unsure of where I was headed (starting a business while in college makes leaving a little scary!).

That's my super long-winded way (surprised?) to introduce you to Rachel's brother, Evan, and his beautiful, soon-to-be-bride Christy!   While Rachel and I were living together, Evan started med school in Augusta at the Medical College of Georgia.  A few years after being there, while in the crazy process of interviewing with LOTS of different places to begin his residency, Evan was "set-up".

Christy was also there in Augusta at the same school and although Evan knew of her while they both were in undergrad at UGA, he hadn't reconnected with her.  One of Evan's close friends handed Evan a number and said "Christy's waiting on a phone call from you."  Of course the gentleman that Evan is couldn't just leave Christy hanging... and the rest is history.

Evan's parents live around the same "neck of the woods" as my parents, so the last time I went home I got to meet Christy and spend some great time with the two of them.  Such a genuine couple!!   It's fun to meet people and get to know the little quirks that make them seem SO perfect together.  Evan and Christy are full of those.

 The place that the Sussenbachs call "home" (which is also where Evan proposed) is a gorgeous property with a beautiful lake for a backyard, so of course, I had to take advantage of it!  

Oh, ya know, just another lake on the property.

Christy, you are stunning.  Evan is a lucky man.

We finished our session in downtown Hamilton, which is technically my home address although it's thirty minutes from our mailbox.  It's a one stop light kinda town that almost looks abandoned, but we think it's unique.

Evan & Christy, I'm thankful for your friendship.   Even for something that supposed to be about you, you two managed to leave me feeling encouraged and full.  You guys are gift and I'm stoked to be able to celebrate with you in April.  I just wish you lived closer than Columbia!