A parking deck?  Absolutely.  Thanks to my lovely sister with a crazy good eye for locations and Billy & Maggie's willingness to trust me, we made our way to landscape of concrete in downtown ATL... and I LOVE how it turned out!!

Maggie, you should be modeling.

Billy and I have been friends since his freshman year at Berry. Maggie and I?  Well, we met the day we took these pics, but we quickly hit it off.  She's super easy-going and more importantly, she keeps Billy in line.  Lord knows he needs a woman who will let him be Billy but also challenges and encourages him.  Maggie isn't afraid to keep him on his toes and he brings a lot of the spunk out of her.  It's so much fun to be around them together!

Billy & Maggie - It's so fun to look back through these and see how happy you two are together.  I hope these photos continue to remind you both of the gifts the Lord has given you in each other, especially the ability to make each other laugh... it's contagious!!  Looking forward to celebrating in June with you!