Stunning.  I can't even begin to express how stoked I've been to share this bridal session with you.  Miss Jessica (now Mrs. Bowers!!) photographed with absolute elegance and I've been obsessing over these.

This backdrop (above) is actually one of my favorite finds in this city.  It's in Knoxville's Old City and surrounded by rustic old brick buildings (like the one below).  You would probably never drive past it and think "great place to take photos" but I think it's awesome!  We used it for Jessica & Ben's engagement session and Jessica requested that we use it again.

We actually began our session at Church Street United Methodist in downtown K-town, also Jessica's request, which I was so thankful for because I've wanted to shoot there since I first drove by over four years ago.  The shot below is one of my favorites.  Her dress -- and her laughter -- were meant for this staircase!

At sunset we transitioned to one of my new favorite places, Seven Islands Wildlife Refuge, the property my good friend Nora manages. 

When I finish each session or wedding, I can almost always tell you the shot that stands out in my mind.  This one practically blew my mind.  I just love the rustic elegance this photo exudes.  Jessica's slight little grin gently communicates her excitement and contentment for the time coming, not to mention the beauty she must have felt and that she anticipated feeling on her wedding day.  I just love it!

There's something about the movement in the photo below (left) that I can't quite explain.  Under most photography rules, this would be a photo you toss, but I couldn't let it go... there's just something about it that meant I not only kept it, but it quickly became a favorite.

Can't wait to share the photos from Jessica & Ben's wedding day soon!