A few months ago I got a phone call from an old college friend I hadn't heard from in five or six years.  The familiar voice spoke as if it had only been a week and proceeded to update me on the current status with his longtime girlfriend.  Rob & Jill met at Berry and both ended up in nursing...and had recently begun to talk about what the rest of their lives together might look like.

Rob asked if I had any plans to be in or around Atlanta anytime soon.  I told him that I had a fairly full season here in Knoxville and that I wouldn't be there the weekends he was inquiring about.  It didn't take long before his wheels began spinning...

He told me that Jill (who I hadn't met at this point) had mentioned many times how much she loved my photography (what a complement!).  He knew that it would be great if he could have someone photograph the proposal and ideal if he could arrange for me to photograph the proposal and then to have a short photo session of the two of them following.  Of course I was completely flattered!  But then there was the issue that I would be in Knoxville the weekend he wanted to propose.

The couple had been considering the idea of making a road trip to Asheville, NC for a weekend... and one round-about way to get there is Knoxville! So we began making plans.  As a girl, I don't exactly have to think through all of the logistics that go into proposing, but I'm quickly learning: ladies, this stuff isn't super simple!  Rob figured the best way to get her all dressed up was to plan a nice dinner on the river in Knoxville.  So they spent an afternoon downtown, got ready for a nice date, then made a "brief" stroll through a nearby park since they had "a little extra time before their reservations".

I'll let the photos tell the rest of the story.

If you're ever gonna photograph a proposal, I strongly recommend hiding in a hammock!!  It doubles as a place to kick back and relax while you're waiting.  Although, trying to hide a 70-200mm telephoto lens is never really easy or discreet.  Not to mention it's always a little nerve-racking every time I've ever photographed a proposal.  Thoughts like "what if I screw this up?" and "what if she sees me?!" flood your mind the entire time.  But it's totally worth it, especially when I saw Jill's reaction to realizing they weren't alone! Success!!

Perfect fall day for a proposal and great for a surprise photo session!

So sweet.

If you've ever met Jill, she has a contagious laugh.  So much fun!

These are some of my favorites.

Rob, thank you for going to such great lengths to give me the opportunity to tell the story of your big moment.  Jill, I'm so glad we finally got to meet... and under such great circumstances! I loved getting to celebrate with you guys and I hope to be celebrating with you again this time next year for an even bigger occasion!!