A few of you may recognize my gorgeous friend Caroline from an anthropologie-esque photo session we did three years ago.  Caroline has a soft beauty that she manages to pull off with ease... and Andrew is the lucky man who noticed.

A few years ago, Caroline and I met regularly with another friend of ours, Katie, to talk about vision for the different things we were involved in -- to support and encourage each other in believing that the Lord is actively involved in our lives and is dreaming with us.  At the time, Caroline was just beginning the job she had dreamed of while in college: working with those who are without a home and specifically the homeless who have gone unnoticed.

Caroline has a bizarre and God-given desire to help in that way, but as a single 20-something gal she occasionally needed a male sidekick... and Andrew's heart paralleled Caroline's.   A friendship began with an honest desire to serve others alongside one another.  It has obviously since developed into much more... and we're all stoked about it!

I honestly don't know Andrew as well as I wish I did, but I do know that, for the most part, he "gets" our spunky Caroline and her quirkiness.  Watching them laugh together makes me thankful for the gift of him in her life.

I'm sure many of you have walked alongside a friend throughout the process of them meeting, dating, and eventually marrying their spouse.   It's a unique space and time in a friendship, and a gift I have gotten to treasure a handful of times.   My friendship with Caroline has been one of those.  Walking alongside her the past four years from one season of life to the next has made this season really special.

Caroline was one of the very first friends I made when I moved here to Knoxville.  She would randomly show up at the houseboat, lovingly interrupting whatever I might have been working on at the time.  She has a gift of pursuing others, which makes me all the more thankful Andrew is pursuing her.

No, they didn't get engaged in a bookstore, but Andrew did propose with this book.   The adventurous couple had planned a hiking trip one afternoon and had specifically made plans to discuss the book they had both been reading once they reached their destination.   Andrew casually asked Caroline if she would grab the book out of his backpack and open it to the page he had marked...

....and as soon as she opened it, Caroline ever so gracefully threw the book on the ground exclaiming there was no way this was happening.  Perfect!  Poor Andrew, I can only imagine how nervous he was in that moment that the ring might be about to travel somewhere he didn't want it to go.  All that said, I thought a bookstore could be a fun part of their engagement session and Central Street Books was the perfect place, right around the corner from Caroline's house.

Andrew and Caroline were so trusting, letting me drag them down random alleyways so we could use the textured walls I had previously scoped out.  I had spotted a mustard yellow wall, knowing good and well that it would totally fit Caroline's style.  Right before we got to it, she pointed to this wall of windows and inquired about it's potential.  Obsessed!  As soon as I took the first photo there I had to pull out my phone for a quick instagram pic!  I think the photo below is one of my favorites from the entire session.  Their excitement is almost uncontainable!

Andrew & Caroline - I seriously enjoyed spending the day with you guys.  Photographing friends is a treat.  CanNOT wait for April!!

For the friends of Texture -- I hope there are lots of twinkly lights in your life this season.  Something about them makes everything in life seem a little more sparkly!