Meet little red-headed Arwen!

Don't you just love that full head of red hair!  Her parents, both professors at the University of Tennessee are friends of mine here in Knoxville.  Nate & Jana live in this super fun house, decorated with the help of the lovely Ashley Addair.  It seems like there are babies greeting the world right and left at our community!  Little Arwen is blessed with awesome parents.  I loved getting to sit with them and learn more and more about parenting, babies, and life as authors and professors.

This was on the wall in Janna's room as a child.  Perfect for a nursery! I love the chevron, especially in my favorite mustard yellow.

The photo on the right (below) is one of my favorites from this whole session.  I feel like it perfectly captures Janna's trust in Nate as a father.  He is so gentle with Arwen and has taken much care to learn about all the little things he can do as a father.  Watching them share the role of parenting is a beautiful thing.

Little Miss Arwen has seen LOTS of snow in her first two months of life so this book is quite fitting!

SOOOO precious.  I love the eskimo kiss below. :)

I had to throw this in there. As I mentioned earlier,  Ashley Addair, a local artist in our community, helped decorate much of their home and this is one of my personal favorite touches of hers.  Are those not the coolest curtains?! I want some for the new office!