A year ago this week, I shot three weddings in eight days, and all three in different states: North Carolina, then Colorado, then Georgia.  Absolute craziness.  I arrived the morning of the third wedding at 6 am, in the dark with rain that wasn't letting up.  Thankfully for me, a girl named Kaitie met me to be my sidekick for the day.  I knew little then of the gem that she was, nor of the beloved friend she would turn out to be. I have never had a friend like Kaitie.  I am blessed to have so many stellar friendships, but few have the ability to seamlessly transition from conversations about brides, to grace, to business and back again. It's a gift, and one that I do not take lightly.  Needless-to-say, she and I have acknowledged that it's rare and that we should grow from each other, so we recently decided to set aside a few days to help each other care for our businesses well.  Midway through that time, we drove to downtown Atlanta to meet an absolutely gorgeous couple at the Fox Theatre and then moved to Piedmont Park.  These two are so adorable.  I'm crossing my fingers in hopes that Kaitie and I will be able to shoot their wedding together.  I just can't get over how great they are together!