I'm a music junkie.  I almost always have some new mixtape to serenade me while I edit.

So why am I hoarding my tunes?  I realized I don't have a great answer, other than I'm scared I'm actually WAY behind and you've already heard everything I might finally get the guts to share.  I'm also scared you'll know more than me.  What if I'm actually not as much of an expert as you are on harmonies and and bass lines and dub-step?  I've decided to just admit those insecurities and share anyways, cuz I would want you to tell me about your latest finds (but seriously, please do!).

The tunes I'm jammin' to this week come from an artist you're probably pretty familiar with and his beautiful significant other.  She's captivating on stage and rocks some sweet vocals ("I like the way you hung the moon....uh huh").  Meet Drew & Ellie Holcomb, also known as Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors.    Their latest album is called Good Light.

Favorite tracks: 1. Another Man's Shoes 2. Tennessee 3. Nothing But Trouble

Here's Drew singing Tennessee, but I HIGHLY recommend you investigate the album version with Ellie's killer harmonies.  I like it better, but then again I'm a chick who really likes layers to melodies.  Listening to this makes me wish "I was born here and raised here", and makes me proud to now call this state home.


Enjoy the jams, and feel free to share your recent favorite finds with us (in the comments box below).