Knoxville Bridal Photo Bridal portraits are some of my favorite sessions!  I'm dying to show you the photos from Lauren's bridal session, but alas, she's isn't hitched yet, so all I get to share is a photo of her killer shoes.

If you've ever wanted to feel like a high fashion bride, bridal sessions are your chance.  On your wedding day you're thinking about what your groom will think about your hair, about whether the reception tables will be put together like you've envisioned, and about whether or not your soon-to-be brother-in-law will show up on time (and hopefully his suit fits).  It's hard to be comfortable in the front of the camera when your mind is racing with a thousand different ideas.  Besides, you should be doing a run through of your hair and make-up prior to your wedding day anyway, so why not make sure you like the whole look?  And why not do that when you feel more relaxed?

If you'd like to do a bridal session but you're nervous you'll feel super awkward in front of the camera without your sweetie, you're not alone.  Most brides feel that way.

My best friend is getting married in less than three weeks, so when she met with her make-up artist and hair stylist on Monday, we followed it with a fun little session.  Of course, Lauren IS super comfortable with me and has been in front of my camera recently to know how I might put her at ease, but that doesn't make her void of any camera anxiety.  Right before we started she commented "I'm just nervous I won't be as good at this without Chris here".

Knoxville Wedding Photo

Photo sessions alone feel different.  You feel a little more like a model, which can be strange at first.  But here's the thing: most brides aren't models.  YOU are fully capable of rocking a bridal session.  Your photographer's job is to direct you, to make you feel like a million bucks.  And hopefully, when it's all said and done, you'll see photos of yourself and think "dang, I'm a hot bride."

If you're on the fence, I suggest slipping in to that dress you've spent a good bit of money on and wear it like you've never felt so pretty in your life.  It also doesn't hurt to look up a few bridal shots on pinterest to get some ideas for posing, style and facial expressions (if you practice your smirk in the mirror, I won't tell anyone).

Knoxville Bridal Photo

Things to remember: -  The alterations on your dress might take a while so you may have to plan your session close to your wedding. -  You won't have flowers, so if you'd like to you'll need to plan ahead with your florist -  Don't forget all of your accessories.  Think ahead about all the little details you'll need: hair pieces, veil, jewelry, shoes, etc. -  You might want a prop or two, like a really cool vintage chair... or you might want a fully styled shoot, but that's a-WHOLE-nother story -  If you think you might want someone there to help make you laugh, choose wisely! Who would you feel comfortable in front of?

Knoxville Bridal Photo

Let me clarify, if you don't want to do a bridal session, it's your photographer's job to get those portraits on your wedding day... and they will! But if you know you will be really anxious and/or if you know you'd like to do them in a location that you can't get to on your wedding day, the better option is a separate session.

Can't wait to share these latest pics with you.

Happy snow day!