A few weeks ago I took a trip to Colorado with my family.  As a kid, I never really learned how to catch or throw, but when it comes to snow or water, I'm in.   My folks had us each on skis at the age of three, therefore the yearly travel fund almost always included the slopes of Colorado.

This year, a handful of our family friends joined us.  Dad called me a few weeks prior to our departure, informing me: "You'll want to bring a camera."

I almost NEVER bring a "big" camera with me on trips like this.  If you're interested in a good pocket "point and shoot" check this camera out; it's one of my favorites.  But, of course, Alyse (one of our travel companions) wouldn't find it strange.  She knew I was a photographer, so it wouldn't seem out of the ordinary for me to haul camera gear on a ski trip (when all we could take was a carry on!).

The second day we were there, I took a tiny backpack with me, filled with a Canon 5DmkII and my 24-70mm 2.8 lens (great for covering all your bases).  Brett gave us all the signal, letting the rest of our crew know that we should all "head down the black diamond" while he "stayed with Alyse", taking the slightly easier blue route.   I, of course, had a job to do: follow Brett & Alyse, staying far enough behind so she would never know that I didn't follow the rest of the gang.

I have decided that Go Pros are the greatest thing that's happened to photography lately.  Just strap them on your head and you can document anything you're doing.  For this big surprise, Brett wore one and I wore one.  What a perfect way for a guy to video the proposal from his perspective!  Because I was by myself, a self portrait was the only way I could be absolutely certain I had my Go Pro running, hence the photo below.

Brett and Alyse took the slow road to another blue route, which caused them to have to take their snowboards off and walk... perfect for getting her in front of a gorgeous view.

As they stood looking out, taking a "water break", Brett dug in the pocket of his snowboard pants... and out came a tiny black box.

Much to Alyse's TOTAL surprise, Brett got down on one knee in the snow and asked her to be his wife!!!

Poor thing, her hands were so swollen, she couldn't get the ring on... but we found out after we got off the slopes that it was the perfect fit.

They did a little writing in the snow: "We're Engaged!"

They got back on their boards and the three of us headed down to meet up with everyone to celebrate at the lodge.  On the way I got to capture some of my favorite moments from the day.  They were both so excited!

Fun fact:  Brett and Alyse lived across the street from each other as kids, and when Brett started driving, Alyse started riding with him to school.  Soon after, they started dating and even though he graduated two years before her, he still took her to school every day.   They've now been dating for FIVE years!!

We all went to dinner that night to celebrate and got a few photos of the newly engaged couple.

Congratulations Brett & Alyse!! I'm so excited for you!!