I've known that I wanted to marry Dianna for a while, and the timing seemed perfect.  We've known each other for the the majority of our lives, but it wasn't until college that we recognized our true connection.  It was our junior year, and she agreed to come with me to my fraternity's Valentine's Day date party.  Although we went just as friends, it wasn't long before we starting hanging out on a regular basis and began dating.

Like I said, the timing was perfect.  It was three years later, and I wanted to make this the most special Valentine's Day yet.  I took her to our favorite restaurant, and we planned to exchange our Valentine's gifts at her parents house afterwards.  Dianna is very family-oriented, so it was important to me to include them in the engagement.  She gave me my gift, and I gave her a bottle of jewelry cleaner.  She seemed a little confused at first, but was grateful nonetheless.  I stopped her from thanking me, presented her with the ring, and began the proposal.

Two months later we are well on our way to being married!  The process of wedding planning can certainly be overwhelming at times, but knowing that we have each other and the excitement of spending our lives together always pulls us through.  We cannot wait for the big day to celebrate with all of our friends and family!