Ya know those friends that you think "why don't they just date?"  Well... Paul & Valerie were TOTALLY those friends.

Meet my roommate Valerie.  She has more joy than the average bear and we've all been waiting patiently for a few years to meet the man our dear friend would choose to spend the rest of her life with.  Val and I have walked through this funny season of life together, living in a house with four girls and one bathroom.   We've spent many nights discussing the challenges of our singleness and many mornings savoring the sweetness of our Savior together.

One of Valerie's greatest strengths is her constant awareness of the Lord in her life and the lives of those around her.  You will rarely have an interaction with Val and not at least briefly mention the activity of the Spirit.  She has eyes to see the unseen.  

One day Val came home and informed me that she had met this incredibly attractive guy at a coffeeshop.  As the days went by, this fella came around, we met him, and they developed a great friendship.  He stepped right into our little home on Grainger.  He walked through the transition with each of us: Lauren to Orlando, Meghan to Nigeria, Val from one house to another, and me to a little bungalow nearby.

When Val and I would catch up, my first question was always "How's Paul?".  She was always quick to tell me about how great of a friend he was to her.  He was loyal. He understood her.  He has the same eyes for the King.  But, of course, they were JUST friends.

Out of nowhere one day in December, Val informs me that a few things had changed.  She was really considering the idea of changing this stud of a friend to a boyfriend.  The funny thing about Val is that when she makes decisions, they aren't snail-like decisions.  She is quick to ask the Lord for His desire for her and for confidence in those decisions... and by golly, this one was one of those times.  The decision to be his girlfriend QUICKLY changed to a desire to be his wife, and the two began seeking counsel and affirmation from the wiser folks around them.

In true Paul & Valerie fashion, they got engaged on March 7th and they're getting hitched on April 20th....THIS weekend!

Valerie, I couldn't be more excited for you.  Our Father has BLESSED you with a man with a desire after His heart... and now a desire for yours.  I am encouraged by His faithfulness to you.  You are loved, my friend. He sees you. 

Paul, thank you for loving my friend so well.  You bring her immeasurable joy.  And thank you for loving those around her. I am so glad to call you friend.

Can't wait to see you two say "I do" bright and early this Saturday!