We celebrated my friend Kate's birthday this past weekend and while I was at her house I noticed this album next to the record player.  I've heard folks mention Dawes before, but I've never taken the time to look them up until now.

Been jammin' to them all day, so I figured I'd pass the word along...

This Los Angeles-based quintet rocks some lovely three-part harmonies and has been described as having a 70's sound.  Their new album Stories Don't End was released this month and is full of lyrics that pay attention to detail. The track that really caught my attention was the song "Something In Common":

'Cause all the love and friends and happiness that ever came my way Revealed themselves the moment I stopped watching 'Cause it's not faith that comes from miracles, but miracles that come from faith And I'm sure that they've got something in common I know that they've got something in common 

Also, I think they did something really unique with their band website: they dedicated a page to #fromawindowseat 

Essential Tracks: Most People Just My Luck Something In Common Stories Don't End   -- "If I tried to show every side of you through words of a song, I'd say a fraction of what I'd intend"

From A Window Seat