If you've been reading our blog recently, you probably already know that I was stoked to share my friend's bridal portraits with you, but since she wasn't hitched yet, I wrote a little post on why I recommend bridal portraits.

Lauren & Chris were married at Castleton Farms right outside of Knoxville in Loudon.  Castleton is a beautiful venue with a team of folks who manage to make your wedding planning feel like a breeze. When Lauren decided to get married there, Castleton suggested she use Bangs & Blush (airbrush makeup?? heck yes!! Seriously, I highly recommend it).  So, like any bridal session, Lauren started the day with her trial run of hair and makeup.  Here's a little glimpse of the new shared office of Castleton and Bangs & Blush in Emory Place.

We began her photos right down the street on Central.  I love using a variety of different walls, some of which you'd never initially think would make for a good photo. Lauren LOVES purple, so when I saw this wall I think I skipped all the way to it.

If you ever find yourself a little uncomfortable during your photo session, I have an idea to share with you.  This may sound absurd, but my friend Kaitie taught me a little trick: DANCE, preferably wobble.  All you need is your phone handy with a few upbeat songs and you'll be laughing in no time!

Lauren, you are beautiful.  I love the simple joy I've seen so consistently in you over the last year.

Photographing your friends with your friends is a treat. So glad we all got to spend the day together!