These two are a BLAST to hang out with.  Jess and I met them at Berry College recently for engagement session.  I actually got to be a part of the proposal a few months ago (check out that story HERE), so getting to hang with them again when they weren't as nervous or shocked (in Jill's case!) was great.  Rob and Jill make a fabulous pair and they are SO easy to be around.

There aren't many folks who would actually do a crazy dance if you asked them... but these two are NOT scared!  They're up for a party at any time, which makes me super excited for their wedding in November.

Jill, these two photos are some of my favorites of you.  Your wind-swept hair is killer! You are a woman FULL of joy and it's contagious.  Having already known Rob, it's been great to get to know you more and see all that he sees in you.  You're a catch, my friend.

The photo above might be my favorite of you guys. Thanks for introducing me to the cows and the greenhouse @ Berry.  How I never made it to those places, I'll never know.  But I'm glad I'm still marking off my Berry Bucket List 5 years later!

If you've never been to Berry, you should totally check out the building behind Rob & Jill in the photo below.  I like to call it the Ford "Castle".  They're now the girls' dorms at Berry, but they're phenomenal and well worth a slight detour if you're ever driving between Atlanta and Chattanooga.

Happy belated birthday Jill!  Rob, you're a lucky fella.  Glad you got down on one knee a few months ago... and I'm so glad you've asked me to capture this stage of your lives!