Oh, how I love this family.  Meet the Esme crew.  There's actually seven of them in all, but for this quick little session, we managed to get four of Christian & Cara's five kids together: Emma Grace, Eliza Bliss, Ella Dean & the newest little man, Kenyon.

Last week my three little kids and I were in a large public restroom.  These trips are not for the faint of heart when you are outnumbered. There are obstacles and pits everywhere that can make you stumble. This particular visit had gone well and the end was in sight. Ella Dean and I came out of our stall and there was a sweet older woman waiting and to Ella she said, "you are so beautiful!"  Before we could manage our thank you'd, a sweet clear voice came from inside the adjoining stall, "Wait until you see the next one coming out!!!"  Having heard the sweet compliment, Eliza Bliss was not going to miss out!  I laughed out loud and the gracious woman waited for her to finish and told her that she was beautiful as well.

This was a sweet moment of realization for me. God has granted me the privilege of raising these precious girls (and boys), and it is of prime importance that I teach especially the girls, that their identity is found, not in the sincere or insincere compliments of others, but in the loving Father that created them beautifully on the outside and the inside!

Cara, you are a woman after the Lord's heart.  YOU are a woman of risk, full of love and a willingness to place your trust in the One who is worthy of it. Thank you for sharing your time (how you manage to muster up any extra time with FIVE kids, I'll never know!) and for being so generous with your heart.  You have a gift of speaking Truth and Life into those around you.  Your children are blessed to have a mother like you.