Sweet Sydney.  Gosh, I just love her little face.  Amber and Cameron have been consistent friends since college and we've managed to stay fairly close over the years.  I actually stayed in the door room with Amber a good bit after I graduated (while she was still at Berry), then with them in their apartment after they were married, and these days I've debated painting a sign to put on the door of their guest room with my name on it.

All that said, seeing them go from a dating couple to engaged to married has made our friendship all the richer.  But seeing them be parents is a treat.  Sydney is so full of innocent joy.  She was a blast to photograph!  I can only imagine how fun parenting a child like Sydney must be.

I have loved everything about being a mom. Taking care of Sydney has been so much easier than I ever thought it would be. She is so much fun and it has been exciting to see her personality blossom!  She is turning into such a fun little kid who is always on the move and in to everything. Watching Sydney grow and change so quickly, it's crazy to think that a few months ago she couldn't even sit up by herself.  Now she is a crawling machine!  I love that any time I walk into the room, she gets a giant smile on her face and that she thinks I'm hilarious no matter what I do.
I always thought it would be difficult to all of the sudden be responsible for a little person, but I have been surprised by how easy it has been and how perfectly Sydney fits into our family and our lives.  It amazes me to see how the Lord has used such a small person to teach me so much about His love and grace;  I can understand a little bit more about God's love for me and how he feels when he looks at me. It makes me appreciate that God has given me such patience with Sydney and that He has empowered me to show her grace over and over as she learns right from wrong.   Parenting has caused me to appreciate more the forgiveness that was shown to me on the cross so that I can show that to Sydney now and as she continues to grow.
I feel more blessed than I ever imagined possible that the Lord has entrusted Cameron and I to love, nurture, and raise such a wonderful child.

The photo below is possibly my favorite from the day.  Watching a child laugh this hard was so much fun!