This Kibble crew is one full of energy and life!  And rightfully so!  The past two years has been a pretty wild roller-coaster for them, but they are strong.  They have a beautiful story, part of which includes the reason for this little photo session: the day we took these photos was the second anniversary of Caleb's life-threatening motorcycle accident.  They celebrated in remembering the gifts the Lord has given them, so we took a little time to document their current stage of life!

I think the favorite thing about our boys is the genuine love they have towards one another - at such a young age, too! Literally, as soon as they wake up EVERY morning, their biggest concern is finding each other for some sort of "good morning" greeting. whether it be a big squeal from Sawyer or Carter going to him and holding Sawyer's hand, waiting patiently for him to wake. We love that each other's world revolves around the other. We couldn't ask for better! Most days, I love the impression and example that Carter is for Sawyer. Carter has SUCH a zest for life and Sawyer sees that and even echoes that. What a gift they are!

I think the biggest advice we could give (that we still learn daily) is being consistent in EVERYTHING you do and you can never start early enough with teaching them about Jesus. Consistency in discipline and training them to pursue Jesus with abandon. We think it is the greatest trust that God shows us when He blesses us with the responsibility of shepherding our children's hearts. Humbling/scary/amazing/challenging/exhausting/rewarding/incredible/insane/fulfilling/beautiful all within the same breath!

The greatest year of trials and blessings started on May 17, 2011 for our family. Caleb was on his way to work, driving his motorcycle, when a gentleman turned his truck into his work parking lot in front of Caleb. It was less than two miles from our house. It was no accident that two of the best paramedics, and friends of ours, responded to the call. It was no accident who rushed to me to take me to Caleb. It was no accident who took care of Carter for me at an instant's notice. It is no accident who was working in the E.R. that day. It is no accident that Caleb is still alive and FULLY recovered. It is so evident that God ordained everything and ordered our steps that day. God chose May 17 to reveal Himself to us and show His might, power, and favor in very specific and tangible ways.

On the one year anniversary of Caleb's wreck, God gave us our new home; I like to refer to it as our En Gedi, just like David fled to in Joshua and 1 Samuel, our "Compound." ;) And a few months after God blessed us with our new home, Sawyer was born. And with Sawyer, God has blessed with yet another Ebenezer to raise in thanksgiving, reminding us that He has a sense of humor! Mercy! That boy is something else!

Today, any and all activities generally revolve around our "Compound."  Whether it be bush-hogging, creek-swimming, dirt-digging, snake-shooting, blackberry-picking, rollypollie "rescuing", you name it. We live it up at the Kibble Compound!  But NONE of this heaven-on-earth living would be possible without Jesus and His blessings He has POURED on us.

Now, two years later, still the midst of our season of Thanksgiving, we rejoice, again (daily), in the favor He showed us on May 17, but bittersweetly as we discovered Caleb's mom has cancer. We know that God is faithful and doesn't owe us anything, because He has given us FAR more than we could ever ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:19-20),  but we selfishly ask for His favor again with our mom/Nana. We trust Him, no matter the outcome; our hearts choose to say, "Lord, blessed be Your name!"  We delight in Him and know that He sings over us!!