Evan & Christy's wedding day was beautiful and full of elegance.  They are both incredibly considerate individuals, which made the unfolding of their day a treat as a spectator.  One of my favorite details was Christy's gift to Evan during their first look, quite fitting with his profession.

Christy, you were an absolutely stunning bride.

These are my friends, Evan & Christy.  They're also two of the kindest people you'll ever meet.  And together they are blast.

Rachel (below) was my dear roommate in college.  She's also Evan's little sister, and for their wedding, she was Christy's Maid of Honor.  What a testament to the kind of friend Rachel is!! I just love the friendship that has developed between two of Evan's favorite women.  It's one that will last a lifetime.

From Christy:

Evan and I wanted our ceremony to be a worship experience for everyone. We chose to have a pianist, violinst, guitarist, and soloist.  All of the musicians were friends of Evan's throughout his past.  They did an absolutely wonderful job! They did not know each other, but they met prior to work on our music.  The mother/grandmother processional was to "come thou fount" and the bridal party processional was to "How deep the fathers love." The bridal Processional was "Beautiful from Phil Wickham". This was one of Evan's favorite songs, and he chose this for me to walk down the aisle. We had a moment of worship before the message to the song "Before the throne".  It was amazing to have all the guests join us in this worship song.  The recessional was "take to the world" by Derek Webb (another of evan's favorite songs).

From Evan:

I have always been moved by worship music at weddings, as the wedding is first and foremost an act of worship as two people agree to reflect Christ and the church together.  Thus we chose some of our favorite worship songs to be in our ceremony.  We even chose to have a worship song sung as Christy walked down the aisle.  I received some flack for this, but ultimately I think it was a beautiful moment.  We also chose to sing a wosrhip song with the congregation during the wedding, another choice that drew some questions and weird looks.  Ultimately it was beautiful and the highlight of the wedding for me.  For the recessional song, we again chose a worship song but something very upbeat.  For the reception, we really wanted it to be a fun dance party feel, so we chose songs that would get people up and dancing.  It definitely worked.

From Evan:

The highlight for me was all of the music that we had during the ceremony.  From Christy walking in to "You're Beautiful" by Phil Wickham to singing with the wedding party and entire congregation to "Before the Throne," the music went off wonderfully.  During a wedding day that was long, tedious, and full of details, I was truly moved by the music and in those moments just worship the God that had made all this possible.

From Christy:

It is so easy to talk about the wedding, wedding plans, and to dos with your future spouse. I would tell Evan when we would hang out "Lets talk about the wedding for only ten minutes and then just have fun."  This allowed us to build our relationship while also achieving our goals of planning during the engagement season.

From Evan:

My advice is to not stress about any one decision too much.  The engagement is a long process, and there will be plenty of time to accomplish whatever you want to do with your wedding.  Just keep working on your wedding checklist and knocking things off the list.  And not every item has to be perfect for you to still feel like you have a perfect wedding day.  Specifically for the guys, you need to act interested and share you opinions, but not hold too tightly to any of your opinions.  I made the mistake sometimes of saying "whatever you want dear" instead of helping my fiancee by offering my opinion.  But then I also made the mistake of sometimes thinking that my opinions were too valuable.  Ultimately, the guy's opinions are a tool for the girl to understand what she wants, even if it means deviating from what the guy's opinion is.

What a beautiful reception!! Jodie of  "Weddings & Whimsy" is a phenomenal stylist and decorator, as you can tell.  She BUILT these candle holders... and I am obsessed with them.  I just wish they could hang in my own house!  Jodie's team created a romantic and very "twinkly" atmosphere for the Sussenbach celebration.

Evan & Christy win the award for the BEST first dance I've ever seen.  Evan is quite the ballroom dancer, and Christy has managed to catch up to his pace.  Their first dance incorporated many different types of dance and was a highlight of their wedding day.  I just wish I had it on video to re-watch. Evan, when I get ready to say "I do", I'll be calling on you for some killer dance lessons and choreography.

I could have listened to this fella play his sax all night! They were a killer DJ/Band combination... one I would totally recommend.

Paper airplanes!!


Wedding Planner // Jodie Creswell from "Weddings and Whimsy" Florals // Bloomwoods Flowers Hair // Britton Monk Makeup // Stephanie Kelly Dress // Elegant Bridals Suits & Ties // Men's Warehouse Invitations // Invitation Station in Columbia, SC. William Arthur invitations Programs // Texture Photo Ceremony // Wynnton United Methodist Church Reception // Rivermill Event Centre Catering: Jamie Keating Catering DJ // DJ Maurice Band // Silent Threat