There's nothing like an engagement session with a little British accent thrown in!  Meet James and Jasmyn.  Jasmyn is from the great state of Tennessee... and James is from right outside of LONDON!  I can only imagine what it's like to have your fiance across an ocean, but these two have managed to swing having a relationship despite the distance.

Jasmyn works for a local Bridal Boutique here in Knoxville. I'm sure she's seen her fair share of wedding photos, so when she initially inquired about an engagement session I was honored!  The catch?  They only had less than one hour of time on one specific day to pull off an engagement session.  James would be flying in from London, getting off a plane and we'd have about 45 minutes before they would need to be on the road to Chattanooga for a friend's wedding.  Talk about a quick introduction!  But with both of their model-esque looks, the session turned out great.  The photo above is one of my absolute favorites!

I knew I wanted to marry James all along, but it really became clear that he was the one for me when he visited Knoxville one of the very first times. Nothing about him fell in line with your “typical southern gentleman”, but I was amazed with how gracefully he began to play the part. A friend of ours came over to my apartment to meet James and take us to dinner on his first night in town. We walked outside to our friend’s vehicle, and before us sat a massive Dodge 2500 that was lifted 3 feet off the ground. To me, this was nothing out of the ordinary. It did not occur to me that James may think otherwise.  My friends and I climbed into the super tall truck with ease. Once buckled in, I turned only to see James still hadn’t made it into the truck. All he could say was, “Where are the stairs for this thing?” From then on, I watched as James made his greatest effort to stand beside me on every southern adventure we tackled, whether it was gun shooting, Dollywood, or even just a visit to Cracker-barrel. From the very first time he visited me here in Tennessee, I knew he was something special.  Despite our completely different way of speaking, dressing, and even thinking, James has always had the humor and patience that allows him to fit right in… no matter how tall our trucks are.

It may sound a little cliche, but I knew I wanted to marry Jasmyn right when we first met! But this was confirmed even more when I went to Tennessee to visit her for the first time. She was totally different from anyone I had ever met before and I the same to her. I will never forget the way some of the southern folk would look at me after I first spoke to was like I was from another planet! But despite all our cultural differences (and strange looks I got for wearing skinny fit chino's), Jasmyn was so sweet and she made me feel so at home, it was like we had known each other for years. I knew that I had found someone special and I didn’t want to let her go.

Jasmyn: Well, 5,000 miles can seem pretty long at times. It gets difficult with work, school, and a 5 hour time difference. We have made it a point to speak regularly throughout the day as any couple would. We also use Skype on a daily basis, even if it’s just for a moment to say goodnight. Making sure we set aside time for one another multiple times a week has been our saving grace. We also never leave one visit without having planned the next time we will see each other. This gives us something to look forward to all the time. For me, it’s comforting knowing exactly when I will see him next.

James: Having a long distance relationship is hard!! You have to be very patient and go that extra mile to make it work. The time difference is tough, but I think the hardest thing for me is just not being able to be there for Jasmyn when she needs me the most and missing out on certain things that I would really like to be there with her for. But you will know after the first few months if it is worth continuing, and if it is…you will do it for as long as you need to. For me, being able to be together in the end  will be more than worth the wait.

Jasmyn: I am most excited for our British guests to join us here in Knoxville. I can’t wait to be surrounded by ALL of the people that I love in the place that I call home! I just hope the British folks don’t mind their tea being a little…extra sweet!

James: The thing I am most looking forward to is seeing Jasmyn for the first time that day walking down the aisle....I cannot imagine how beautiful she is going to look. I am also very excited to have all of my British family and friends meet my new Tennessee family!

Jasmyn: My advice to other engaged couples who are making this journey together… don’t stop doing the little things! Once the ring is on, the wedding plans can easily become the focus of the relationship. Despite the wedding always being on your mind, don’t forget to keep saying and doing the little things that made you want to marry each other in the first place! (Thank you James for the continuous supply of chocolate since we met… you’ve never forgotten my love for candy!)

James: My advice to any engaged couple who are ready to start planning for their big day is to not take any of it for granted. Jasmyn and I are 5,000 miles apart from each other most of the time, and we would love to be able to do the "everyday things" with each other like going to the cinema or even picking up the phone to call each other without having to worry about the time difference! So just make it all count and appreciate the little things that could be taken for granted as they are the reasons you first fell in love.