One day last summer, while I was living with Valerie, she came home and informed me that she had met this gorgeous guy at a coffeeshop.  She went on and on about how great he seemed and how she wanted to get to know him.

A few weeks later, the two were hanging out all of the time.  Paul was quite the gentleman, quick to serve her, interested in getting to know all of us, plus he was an incredible listener.  We observed his attentiveness to her.

The two decided they were supposed to just be friends and over time their friendship intensified. She would update me periodically on how he seemed to understand her better than most and how he encouraged the unique traits in her.   As she would go on and on about how he was "just" a friend, I would consistently give her the look of "sure, keep telling yourself that".

During the holidays this past winter, Valerie dropped a little bomb on me, letting me know that she was wrong: they were supposed to be dating.  But that wasn't all.  She also thought he was going to be her husband.

It wasn't long before they were trying to decide on a date.  Through LOTS of prayer and plenty of guidance from friends and mentors, Paul and Valerie decided to get married.  Although it was quick, they were certain... so they moved forward.  They planned a small, quaint, worshipful ceremony with their closest friends and family on the side of a mountain in the Smokies. Within two months, Paul found a beautiful ring and proposed.  A month and a half later we all gathered to witness as they made a commitment to one another before the Lord.

The day was perfectly Paul & Val... and I have to say, they are quite the "Foxes".

Valerie, it was an honor to worship on the side of a mountain with you and Paul.  Thank you for the gift of walking through life together.  You are so worth the love the Lord has lavished on you!