These two are so much fun!  When I asked Alan & Kathryn to list a few of their favorite simple things to do together, Bruster's was one of the top choices.  Kathryn shamelessly let me know that really she was the one who loved to go there, Alan was just kind enough to appease her interest. She then informed me that her obsession was due to Cotton Candy Explosion, her ice cream of choice named for it's key ingredient... POP ROCKS!  I was sold.  Any engagement session that includes cotton candy ice cream full of pop rocks is great with me!

When Alan proposed to Kathryn, he sent her on a scavenger hunt to a few of the places that were symbolic to them.  Each clue led her to a different location where a significant friend was waiting to give her the next clue, until she reached the final destination, Ijams Nature Center, where Alan was waiting for her.

The simple love that Alan & Kathryn have for each other is endearing.  One of my favorite things about them is how they enjoy the time they do have together, no matter what they're doing.  They are content and SO easy to be around. They make Bananagrams look like a perfect date, especially since it's one of the games they play together often.  Now I just need to find a spades partner and join them in the fun!

The photo below is my favorite from their session.

Alan & Kathryn -- I'm looking forward to your big day! It's getting close!!