Heath and Melissa are two of the kindest people I know.   They are so incredibly genuine and you can tell just in the way they interact with others that they are full of love, which makes them together a beautiful thing!

The couple met at Troy University, so it was fitting to have their wedding right around the corner from campus on a friend's farm.  When they met, Melissa asked Troy to attend one of her sorority's functions.  My favorite part: this is where they first danced to their "first dance" song!


  • Heath and I spent some time praying (but didn’t see each other) before the wedding and I think that really helped our nerves.
  • Spending the day with my Bridesmaids and my Mom
  • My dad and I had a moment to spend with each other and it was the first time he had seen me in my dress.
  • The reception was a blast! Dancing with Heath and all of my friends was a lot of fun.
  • I didn’t think you could have a “perfect” day without having unhealthy expectations, but I believe the Lord made our wedding day better than I could have ever imagined.


  • Getting to see my Bride walk through those doors!
  • The prayer breakfast that morning.  Nothing is more refreshing than being around 20-25 guys who make up your inner circle, encouraging you and praying for you and your wedding/marriage
  • Having a photographer that could handle my friends!
  • Hearing the Lord’s goodness and glory proclaimed in so many different ways by so many people all day.

Processional: Come Thou Fount by Kings Kaleidoscope Mars Hill Bridal Processional:  You’re Beautiful by Phil Wickam Recessional: Ho Hey By the Lumineers First Dance: If I fall by Dierks Bentley

Most of our wedding was DIY, so we were REALLY fortunate to have many friends and family who took on many of the projects! Huge thanks to the MOH and the MOB!!

  • Invitations: Thanks to the help of family and friends, our invitations turned out great!  We had them printed and then we wrapped them in doilies and used white ribbon to tie them together. We placed our RSVP cards inside of the doilies after they were tied together.
  • Wooden Cross: Melissa’s Grandfather made the cross that was used at the ceremony.  We loved the weathered look!
  • Centerpieces: The centerpieces were quart mason jars tied together with burlap and twine. We used three jars for each centerpiece and placed them in a a wooden picture frame.
  • Photobooth: For a photobooth we had a Texas flag and supplied a box of props for the guests to use.  We also used a hashtag for instagram/twitter so that we could view the pictures later!
  • Reception Garland: The Bridesmaids used a rope and scraps of burlap lace and mint fabric to made a “rag garland” look. They used 4-6 inch long pieces of fabric and tied them in knots around the rope.
  • Groom's Cake: Red velvet cupcakes!!  To make the tiered holder for them, mason jars and pie pans were uses. The pie pans were distressed by painting them a rustic color, but only after dinging them up a bit.  To achieve the color, black and gold and brown paint were all used and wiped around it together.

From Melissa:

  • Pray! A lot! And ask your friends to pray. Understand that this isn’t about just you it is about showing the world the Gospel! When things get tough or seem like a major deal, remember this and know that the Lord is in control and he will get Glory through the good or bad.
  • Delegate as much as possible your not a burden your friends really want to help and they aren’t planning a wedding. So the things that feel like the end of the world to you might be really simple for them. Try to have everything taken care of before the week of the wedding so you can just enjoy that week. If this is not possible (which it isn’t) be sure to have one or two people who are in charge of making last minute minor decisions. I didn’t have to make any decisions on the big day and everyone took care of anything that didn’t go according to plan. (if you’re a control freak really make sure you do this well and ahead of time so you don’t feel out of control.

From Heath:

  • Help your fiance’ out. Think of a few things that you want to make happen and take care of them.
  • Try to always be there to listen and calm her down. Sometimes you will have to help her say no and lovingly encourage her to delegate tasks to friends or family.
  • Read Ephesians 5 and try to begin to love her like that.  Ask the Lord to give you the strength to love her like that.