Billy Norman.  One of the most positive guys I know.  He's always so encouraging and fun-loving.  He's also a great salesman... and he definitely made the sale of his life when he convinced Maggie to be his girl.

When I first met Maggie, I knew Billy had met his match.  She's strong, strong enough to give him a run for his money!  In the short time I've spent with them, you can tell Maggie is such a great teammate for Billy: she's sees the best in him and encourages him when he needs it... not to mention she's just beautiful!   They obviously have a blast together.

Billy & Maggie decided to say their vows inside the Georgia Freight Depot.  It's a beautiful historic building in downtown Atlanta, perfect for an entire day's worth of celebrating: getting ready, taking portraits, ceremony, cocktail hour and a reception!

Both of our parents were in youth group together when they were younger, so our families had known each other for years, but we really began to get to know each other when he came back from college.  He was a manager at Truett's Grill, which is where I worked through high school and college.  However, we didn't go on a date for several months after we became friends.  He came to Milledgeville to see me at school twice.  My roommates still make fun of him to this day because, for some reason, he brought us a bag of apples and a box of yoo-hoos when he came to hang out the first time!   We went on our first real date soon after when I came home for Christmas break.  We ate dinner at Chow Baby and went to see a Christmas play in Little Five Points.  Since then, we've spent every free minute we could together!

Billy told me that we were going to Savannah for an engagement party for one of his friends.  They wanted to get their bridal party together to meet each other.  So, after a long week of finals, we left for Savannah!  When we got down there, he told me we were early and we could go walk around Forsyth Park, which is where we had one of our major "define the relationship" conversations on a day trip a few years ago.

We started walking toward the fountain and all the sudden Billy takes off running towards the car and says "Stay right there i'll be right back!"  Now normally I would have thought this was weird, but because he frequently forgets his wallet or phone, I just thought he had forgotten one of the two.  When he got back, we started walking again and happened to run into one of my friends, Amy, from high school that goes to SCAD.  I remember her acting a little weird, but really didn't think much about it.

Billy leads me over to the huge, beautiful fountain and starts talking about us and the last three years together.  Then all of the sudden I look over at him and he is on one knee asking me to marry him!!  I think I jumped back like three feet and I kept asking him if he was serious.

When I finally said yes, my friend, Amy, popped out of the bushes.  He had asked her to take pictures of the whole thing!   We took a few pictures around the square and headed to dinner.  Billy told me we would go to dinner first and then we could call our families.  As we walked into the restaurant, both our families and friends were there to celebrate!!  I was completely surprised and caught off guard.  Needless to say, it was an amazing day!

From Billy:  My favorite memory of our wedding day was when they pronounced us as Mr. and Mrs. Norman!  I also had a blast singing to Journey in the middle of the dance floor with all my friends!

From Maggie:  My favorite moment of our wedding day was the moment right before I walked down the aisle.  Since we had seen each other earlier in the day (which was also a favorite moment of the day), I wasn't nervous at all.  Instead, I was able to feel the love and support from everyone there to celebrate with us!  I sort of dreamed up the song that the wedding party and I walked down the aisle too.  So, when I finally got to hear it all together and I could FINALLY see Billy at the end of the aisle, the moment was pretty much indescribable!

Processional:  "How Deep a Father's Love" followed by the Father of the Bride playing "The Prayer" on the piano
Bridal Processional:  "How Beautiful" --  I heard it at a wedding years ago and knew this is what I wanted to walk down the aisle to!
First Dance:  "Don't Rush"  -- We really liked the message of this song - enjoy each small moment in life! Plus, we wanted an upbeat song so we didn't look like middle schoolers dancing - even though we probably did!

 Don't stress over the small stuff.  I know this is a little cliche, but it's totally true!  I had a whole year to plan and plenty of time to stress over the little things.  Once I figured out how not to stress over every little thing, planning was much more enjoyable!

VENDORS: Event Planner // Signature Weddings & Events - Corrie Kirk Florals & Decor // Atlanta Pipe & Drape - Steve Hicks Hair & Makeup //  Tyra Parker & Jea Gackowski Dress // Formally Yours Shoes //  DSW Suit & Tie //  Saavi Formalwear Venue // Georgia Freight Depot DJ // Steve Starnes