It's always an eventful wedding day when it begins with a LOT of water.  The morning of Ben and Sarah's wedding, we were driving to the venue and it was raining SO hard that we could barely see the road.   I spent the drive calculating all of my possible options for photographing large groups in drier locations, thinking through how to keep my gear from getting drenched in the process.

Sarah comes from an amazing family of loving folks, the kind that make you wish you were one of them, and they always make you feel like you are.  I'm sure I'm one of many, many people who would echo that same thought.  Ben is quite the lucky fella, and from what I've learned of Ben, Sarah is quite the lucky gal!

Get this: Sarah is a QUADRUPLET!!  One boy and three girls.  Their older sister, Anna, was one of my good friends in college.  She was kind enough to let me photograph her wedding almost 6 years ago when I was first getting started, which was also when I took all of the quads' senior portraits.  Since then, we've all kept in touch.  I've been able to photograph Anna's little girl Ada as she's grown.  I've loved watching the quads as they've adventured into college together and now into new life stages in four different cities and states!

There was this beautiful moment after Sarah got ready.  Her brother, Wil, teared up when he saw her from across the room.  All of the girls did the same when they saw his reaction, so they started doing whatever it took to keep from crying.  My favorite part was the rap songs the girls would break out, each picking a different vocal instrument.

Thankfully, the intense rain let up and we were able to have a little fun outside.  I was obsessed with the fog hovering over the mountains.  Such an incredible backdrop, not to mention a STUNNING bride.

I just love Ben's reaction when he saw Sarah for the first time walking down the aisle.

I hardly ever include family portraits on the blog, but this crew is just so fun.  The photo below is of the Haynes siblings: Wil, Caitlin, Sarah & Mary Elizabeth (the quads), and their older sister Anna Lee on the right.

Sarah, thank you so much for letting me capture your day.  Ben obviously loves you well and I'm so excited for you.  Not to mention, the two of you make for one HOTT couple. Hope you're having so much fun in St. Louis!

P.S. THANK YOU to all of you for waiting SO patiently for your photos.  You're some of the kindest people I know and I cannot express how grateful I am for your grace.  Hope you enjoy reliving the day!